Eat for Life

Eat for Life is an online 10-week mindfulness-based intuitive eating program designed to help you develop a loving and kind relationship with your food and your body. Participants are instructed in the practice of mindfulness (being present with kindness and compassion) as a tool to access their inner wisdom about what, when, why, and how much to eat. Guided by the knowledge that diets don’t work in the long term, the program teaches participants how to enjoy the food that’s both tasty and nutritious, care for the body they inhabit, and create a more meaningful, joyous life. Research on the program, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, demonstrated that participants had significant improvements in comparison to a control group as follows:

  • Increased mindfulness
  • Greater appreciation for their bodies
  • Increased intuitive eating (eating based on hunger cues instead of emotional and environmental cues)
  • Decreased binge eating and other problematic eating behaviors

Read what participants have to say about the class: “EFL has been a transformational experience…my relationship to food has changed dramatically.  I actually think about food much less than before — now it’s rarely on my mind until I begin to experience hunger.  And I am savoring my food infinitely more…EFL embodies an intuitive, gracious approach to living, and I am captivated by the gentleness and kindness inherent in the process.” –Linda Dyer “It is amazing that 10 weeks have gone past…I will use the “make peace with food” for a long time to come, that has been the most successful tip. I don’t have forbidden food, or food that is “bad”. I can have it just in the quantity that will satisfy…I thank you for the insight and the motivation.  You have made this a successful experience that has changed my life.” –Amy Hampton

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How does Eat for Life online work?

We will meet as a group each week live on a platform called Zoom. You can take the class from the comfort of your own home and still engage in a lively, meaningful group learning experience and exchange. While of course it’s not the same as being in the same room with people, it comes pretty close (see Zoom training videos here). Zoom offers the possibility to meet with the whole group but also for small break-out groups. A high-speed internet connection is recommended. Computers, tablets, and phones work, but keep in mind that with the smaller screen of a tablet or phone the images of your class friends will be very small. Your device needs an in-build camera and either an in-build microphone or you need a microphone to plug in. In addition, I will be recording the sessions so that if you have to miss one then you will be able to see the entire session later. Cancellation policy: A full refund is given if notice is given between the orientation and class one.  50% of the full price is refunded if notice is given after the first class. There is no refund after class 2.   You will need to purchase the following books: The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution and Intuitive Eating

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Eat for Life Course Dates and Fees:

Option 1: Evening time: Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. CENTRAL TIME, May 19 – July 28

Option 2: Day time: Tuesdays, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m. CENTRAL TIME, May 19 – July 28

Cost: $249 Here is the link to register for your preferred class. Please sign up for either the Monday or Friday class. All class participants attend an orientation session before the class begins to better understand the program and the commitment. Cost includes all meditations and a workbook. Eat for Life is approved for 21 continuing education (CE) credits from the APA-approved sponsor, International Seminars Group. These CE credits can be used by psychologists, dietitians, and most other mental health professionals. Cost for CE Credits is an additional $63.00.  Please register here for your CE Credits. For more information, contact Dr. Rossy at